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Listed dealers will receive a Dealer Account Number (DAN) and must maintain in good standing to receive these services.

Active Dealers please email to get your DAN info@installerslink.com Pricing:
Basic Listing Name, Address 1 Category, 1 State 15/month
Double Listing Name, Address, Phone, Website Link, Rating, 1 Category, 1 State, Estimate Request 25/month
Triple  Listing Name, Address, Phone, Website Link, Rating, 2 Categories, 1 State, Estimate Request 35/month
Multi Listing Name, Address, Phone, Website Link, Rating, 5 listing (Cat.& State, any combo), Estimate Request 50/month
Additional Listing Name, Address, Phone, Website Link, Rating, any additional Category and State, Estimate Request 10/cat./state/month
Company Link Listing Detail Company link listing 10/month additional
National Listing Name, Phone, Website Link, Top of Category Page, State Page 120/month
Home Page Banner Name, Phone, Website Link, Top of Home Page 180/month

Up to 20% yearly contract discount available. Ask your representative for additional info.
We now accept PayPal and Checks.
Please contact us for more information info@installerslink.com
By submitting your request your request for listing, you agree to the charges and Terms of this agreement 

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